Doe Copse Way Play Park Statement

Doe Copse Way Play Park Statement

The Town Council is grateful for all comments received regarding the Doe Copse Way Play Park.


All comments were reviewed and plans have now been finalised. There were some concerns raised regarding the extended size of the Play Park which was planned to provide space for extra equipment for children up to 10 years old, and for inclusive play for children with disabilities.


Other matters that have been addressed and highlighted on the attached plans are as follows:


  • Tree planting – a new oak tree will be planted to provide successional planting to the existing strong tree boundaries, with 2 groups of 3 white stemmed birch trees, a native cherry tree for spring and autumn colour, and attractive to birds, a field maple tree for similar reasons and a horse chestnut tree – planted in the location suggested that will eventually provide a focal point for this green space. The tree planting locations are subject to sufficient maintenance access for mowers and other equipment around the fence perimeter.


  • Benches – suggested locations for 4 benches within the play area with two litterbins outside the gates and a nominal line for the connecting path (undertaken as part of the “Greenway” improvements to footpath routes in the area).


  • Goal mouth – also indicated on the attached plan is location of a goal mouth on the southern end of the detention basin, with 30m recommended buffer zone between houses and this informal games area.

The scale of demand for these features greatly outweighed the concerns not to extend the park.


Click here to view the Play Park enhancements.

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