Street Trading in Station Road South

Street Trading in Station Road South


Operating from the eastern pavement on a trial basis…

The Town Council would like to try and operate Street Trading from the pavement on an experimental basis when there are 15 stalls or less.

Closing the whole road when there is less than that number of stalls has raised concerns among both shop keepers and residents alike.

Therefore the Town Council has agreed with New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council for an Experimental Order to be implemented that allows the local council to operate street trading from the pavement from 14 March 2018 as and when required, dependent on numbers of traders.

 We don’t know if it will work until we try it, so the intention is to operate it from the pavement over the next 3 weeks in advance of the Town Council endorsing the idea at its next meeting on Tuesday 3 April 2018.


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